Do you think Diets don't work for you?

There is a way of shedding weight and keeping it off without dieting

You CAN stop craving unhealthy food

Many diets focus on one cause of overeating. Using hypnosis can uncover the reasons for bad relationships with food. Powerful hypnotic language and an effective 21 day programme will help you break negative eating habits - without having to diet.

Whether you want to lose a large amount of weight or just gain control of your eating habits these techniques provide results free from dieting.

Three sessions are recommended in order to give the client the maximum benefits of a full program of hypnosis and NLP . The recommended program also involves a commitment from the client of 20 minutes each day for 21 days to practice the techniques given and gain maximum benefits. 




Fees - £150

50% of fees to be paid on booking appointments and remaining fee to be paid prior to or on day of appointment.


If you require to cancel or postpone an appointment you are kindly requested to give a minimum of 48 hours notice. This allows consideration of other clients and demands for appointment times.

Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for except in exceptional circumstances.


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