Every living being (in fact, everything in the universe!) is in a state of vibration. And this means every part of you — from your organs to your bones to your tissues to the fluid in your cells and the electromagnetic field around your body — has a healthy vibrational frequency.

Sound-healing approaches are not new, or new age… in fact, for thousands of years, cultures from around the world have used vibrational medicine to treat illness, revitalize the body, and elevate the spirit. Sound therapy is well regarded for emotional healing, and relieving stress. The sound waves can act in a similar way to very deep tissue massage; they can help relax the body and mind.

​A session is typically 60 minutes and you are invited to lie down and get cosy. Different Crystal Singing Bowls are used to create relaxing sounds that put your mind and body into a deep sense of well-being, during which you may fall asleep or enter a blissful state of deep relaxation. 

A sound bath may help to alleviate pain, diminish depression and improve sleeping and digestion. The  singing bowls can wash away negativity and tension in your body and mind, bringing feelings of positivity, peacefulness and balanced energy. The sounds embrace you, quieting your busy internal chatter into calmness and clarity.

Vibrations from the bowl are felt physically, spread gently over the skin, tissue, organs, bones and body fluids throughout the body. Deep relaxation relaxes muscle improves breathing, calms the heartbeat, and improves blood pressure, the digestive system and metabolism. 

All you need do is to listen.

What are the instant & constant benefits of a SOUND Bath?

• Deep muscle relaxation

• Mental clarity

• Alleviating physical pain, e.g. joints, sciatica, digestive, headache and migraines, damaged discs, backache, abdomen, bad circulation

• The nervous system is saturated with positive energy through the massage and this has a beneficial knock-on-effect on all the other systems (e.g. digestive, circulatory, glandular, lymphatic, cardio-vascular); all body systems are connected with each other.

• reduce cardiac disease

• counter chemotherapy effects

• Increasing the harmonious functioning of cells, tissues and organs

• Relieving of tension and blockages

• Releasing of toxins from the body

• Letting go of present or past negative patterns, e.g. of past relationships or addictions

• Increasing energy and strength to help in our daily life

• Releasing of mental and emotional pains: low self-esteem, worries, fears, anxiety and depression

• Increasing self-confidence, creative and productive potential

• Leaving a positive feeling for oneself and others

• Achieving more balance and harmony in your life

• Experience of bliss.

Why Sound Vibration Therapy?

• It is Painless

• It is Affordable

• It is Non Invasive

• Has No Side Effect

• Remarkable Improvement in the Aura.

• Helps in Chakra Balancing

• Improved Blood circulation

• Strengthening of the Immune System by Reorganising Cellular Structure

• Transition towards a higher vibrational frequency state.

• Increase in the Number of stem cells which aid in healing.


Who can take benefit from Sound Vibration Therapy?

Everyone including children and the elderly can enjoy the positive vibrations for body, mind and soul . The treatments can be tailor-made. You can enjoy regular SOUND Bath Sessions & One to one treatments as a special treat.


Please get in touch if you have a local venue available where you would like us to come to you.

If you have a serious medical condition or have had recent surgery, we do ask that you consult your doctor about Sound Therapies suitability for you. We do not recommend Sound Therapy during the first trimester of pregnancy or if you have a pacemaker.


During group sessions you must arrive at least 5 minutes before the sound bath begins as admission after that will not be allowed as this may disturb the experience of others. Please bring a blanket and a pillow.








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